Co-host Rabbi Rami Shapiro

There is a great awakening happening around us and within us; an awakening that leads each of us to embrace all of us—all life— with love, dignity, justice, and peace. You won’t see this awakening headlined in your newsfeeds: it is too subtle, too subversive, and too complex for 140 characters or 15 seconds of video. But you can sense it every time you recognize earth as your mother, and sky as your father, and every living being as your sister and brother. To promote this awakening and invite you to this recognition, the theme of the Fourth Annual Big I Conference is…


Buddhist teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh tells us that only love can save from the collapse of civilization due to climate change, and this year’s Big I wants to promote that love. The “I” of the Big I stands for interfaith, inter–religious, interspiritual, integral, and spiritually independent some of the names given to the new spirituality emerging in response to the great awakening. Preferring questions to creeds, and doubt to dogma, we cross the boundaries separating religion, science, and the arts in order to explore the entirety of earth’s wisdom.

Blending contemplative practice and deep conversation this year’s Big I will help us join in the transformational awakening. We hope to see you in San Francisco this February!

Mission of the Big I Conference:

To bring together scholars and spiritual people to explore through dialogue, practices, scholarly publication and ceremonies, the evolution of human spirituality through inclusive theology and consciousness of interfaith, interspirituality and integral spirituality and commitment to serve the spiritually independent (spiritual-but-not-religious).