Co-host Rabbi Rami Shapiro

If you’re drawn to this website chances are you’re part of a great spiritual transformation happening across this country and around the globe. And if that’s true, then you need to gather with fellow seekers as we deepen our understanding of what is happening, why it is happening, and how we can participate and help insure that this is an awakening of spirit that honors all beings. The “I” of the Big I stands for the many names by which this transformation is known: interfaith, inter–religious, interspiritual, integral, and spiritually independent to name but five. Ours is a community that prefers questions to creeds, doubt to dogma, and a willingness cross the boundaries separating religion, science, and the arts in order to explore the wisdom of humanity to which each of us is heir. We hope to see you in Phoenix this March!


Mission of the Big I Conference:

To bring together scholars and spiritual people to explore through dialogue, practices, scholarly publication and ceremonies, the evolution of human spirituality through inclusive theology and consciousness of interfaith, interspirituality and integral spirituality and commitment to serve the spiritually independent (spiritual-but-not-religious).

There will be many new ideas presented in 2014, some of them focus on:

  • Presenting a Vision for Eco-Spirituality Including Empowering the Role of Eco-Minister and Eco-Chaplain
  • Present More of the Early History of Inclusive Spiritual Thinking
  • Discuss the Relationship of Money to Spirituality in an Inclusive Theology
  • Vision the Changing Role of Chaplain from Soul-care to Healer and visioning Integral Chaplaincy

At the 2014 conference we will also:

  • Ordain the first Eco-Ministers to serve the planet.
  • Honor the 2013 recipients of the Huston Smith Award for Interfaith Education
  • Award the new Interfaith-Interspiritual Award for Leadership, Vision and Service.
  • Enjoy the first Interfaith-Interspiritual-Integral Art Show in the world
  • Have a Poetry & Pastry evening and interfaith film viewing.
  • An ordination/co-ordination ceremony for those interested in pledging to OUnI as Minister or Lay Leader.
  • First national meet-up for the “Spiritually Independent” (Spiritual-But-Not-Religious)
  • Special session on what Integral Chaplaincy will look like

Plan to arrive early and take a tour of Sedona before the conference begins.